Date: October 19th 2010

Hosted by Health Services Center:

Health Insurance Awareness/Benefit Days

Providers will be at York College to help you with choices and/or referrals on the following date:

Thursday, 10/28/10
11:00am- 4:00pm
Cafeteria (far left side)

To expedite your choice to enroll, you must have the following documents available:

            • Birth Certificate or Passport
              (for you and/or your children)
            • Marriage Certificate
            • Social Security Card
            • Green Card or Citizenship Papers
            • Proof of Address (utility or credit card bill, drivers license)


Free and Confidential:
HIV Testing will be done by Clergy United for Community Empowerment
A Blood Drive by NY Hospital Queens
Blood Mobile 9am-3pm on Guy r. Brewer Blvd
T-shirts, gifts and refreshments for Donors


For information contact:
Health Services Center AC-1F01

Thank you.

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