Date: September 13th 2011

Dear Student:

Are you interested in mathematics and/or computer science? Looking to learn more about the subjects? Interested in participating in social events with others like you? Then the YORK TENSOR SCHOLARS PROGRAM may be for you!

What we do: (1) Build a vibrant and supportive community of people interested in mathematics (2) Attend a monthly lecture (your schedule permitting) and go off-campus for lunch or dinner with a noted woman in mathematics or a related field (3) Talk about careers in mathematics and options for the future (4) Socialize with other students interested in mathematics and (5) Receive mentorship from York College professors.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so, APPLY!!!

Apply online at:

For more information visit:
or contact Dr Lidia Gonzalez (
or Dr Rishi Nath (

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