Date: April 22nd 2014

Labor unions have joined forces with immigrants’ rights groups to organize a powerful, inclusive May Day event on Thursday, May 1. There is always good reason to celebrate grassroots labor action, but there is added urgency this year because of the 152 City contracts with public employee unions—including the PSC contract—that have still not been settled. This year’s march starts with a rally at City Hall. PSC members and allies will meet Thursday, May 1 at 4:30 p.m. at the southwest corner of Broadway and Chambers Street.

The march and rally will pay special attention to low-wage workers, many of whom have been courageously organizing at car-washes and fast-food outlets across the city. Shamefully, academia also has a large share of low-wage workers, especially adjuncts and other contingent employees. PSC is urging adjuncts and other low-wage academic workers from across the city and state to march with our union. Please invite your colleagues from other colleges, and welcome adjuncts and allies who march with us. Together with colleagues from UUP, our sister union at SUNY, the PSC is highlighting a national mobilization to lift the minimum payment for adjuncts teaching a course to $5,000—MayDay$5K. Come and show your support.

To read more and sign up go here

Download the May Day $5K flier and the general May Day flier.

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