Date: December 12th 2011


Vice Presidents, Department Heads, & Affected Parties
Mr. Marlon Torres, Director of Purchasing, Contracts & Property Management
York College Purchased Equipment - Inventory of Assets
December 9, 2011

The University Accounting Office requires that each CUNY college conduct a physical inventory on an annual basis and maintain a database for all equipment. The Office of Property Management has already been in touch with many of your departments and offices concerning the re-inventory process to locate the items in your respective areas.

To ensure accurate identification of York College's equipment located at your home or off-site it is required that the York College Tag Number and serial number be properly identified. We ask that laptop computers, in particular, be presented for scanning of the CUNY York College Tag Number.

The York College Tag Number and serial number is of most importance in identifying all assets which exceed the following thresholds:

  1. Equipment (Non- Computer related) $5,000
  2. Furniture and Fixtures $5,000
  3. Computer Software $5,000
  4. Computer Hardware $1,000
  5. Vehicles $5,000
  6. Works of Art/Historical Treasures $5,000

All York College purchased equipment whether purchased thru OTPS Tax Levy, Capital; Grants (RF CUNY Purchases) must be properly tagged and documented before exiting the York College campus. A departmental audit of your equipment to ensure compliance would greatly benefit York College Property Management Department. Failure to comply will result in your OTPS budget being decreased by the value of the equipment not found in your department.

Your cooperation and assistance is requested so that we may complete this re-inventory process in a timely fashion. All inventories must be completed by December 31, 2011, including the research necessary to resolve any "Not Found" items in the inventory database. If you have items that were procured and exceed the above monetary thresholds and not assigned a York College Tag Number please fell free to call me at ext. 2916 to schedule an appointment so that I can come by your office to assign a CUNY York Tag Number. In addition, please note: All disposal or movement of any assets within labs or offices that are capitalized must be cleared through the Property Management Department. An Asset Transfer Form must be completed; a Work Order must be present to the Building and Grounds for the prompt disposal of any equipment. This action will ensure that assets are properly recorded in our database. Attached to this memorandum is a copy of th e Asset Transfer Form for your use.

I greatly appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this re-inventory process.


Thank you.


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