Date: April 23rd 2012

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Subject: FW: Pathways Document List

Dear Colleagues

You received a list on e mail yesterday of college senate resolutions sent to the Trustees under the cover letter by Karen Kaplowitz.

Above (attachment) is the FULL list of documents sent to the Trustees, beyond only senate resolutions which accompanied the letter from Karen Kaplowitz. These reflect reactions to Pathways accumulated in the last two months and NOT the full roster on the UFS website of reactions from last year. Resolutions that arrived after this list was assembled (i.e., the CSI General Education committee resolution) were posted on these e mail lists.

The UFS budget and office staff capabilities do not permit us to send you a glossy brochure in the US mail nor do we have an e mail outreach as total as Newswire, the central administration's organ.



Sandi E. Cooper, Chair
University Faculty Senate -- CUNY
535 E 80 Street
New York, N Y 10075
212 794 5538


Pathways Responses

1. Baruch College Executive Committee Statement on the Common core
2. Memo from Prof. Paula Berggren of Baruch College to the Pathways Steering
3. Letter from Prof. Joel Brind to Chancellor Goldstein
4. Resolution from Baruch College General Faculty to Halt the Pathways Process
5. Resolution to Reject the Current Curriculum Proposals from Baruch General Faculty
6. Resolution from BMCC Science Dept. regarding redesign of non-major courses
7. Resolution from BMCC Academic Senate “Call to Repeal Pathways
8. Resolution from Brooklyn College Chairs and Directors of Humanities and Social
Sciences “Call to Repeal Pathways
9. Letter of resignation from Prof. Paisley Currah of Brooklyn College to Chancellor
10. Resolution on Pathways from Brooklyn College Faculty Council
11. Resolution on Pathways from City College CLAS Faculty Council
12. Resolution rejecting Pathways from City College CLAS Faculty Council
13. Letter to Chancellor Goldstein from Prof. Stephen Jablonsky of City College Music
14. Resolution Pathways to Decree Completion Initiative from CSI Student Government
15. CSI Faculty Senate vote for extension of Pathways deadline
16. Commentary on Pathways from National Institute for Latino Policy (NiLP)
17. Resolution on Pathways from Hunter College Delegate Assembly
18. Resolution on Pathways from Hunter College Academic Senate
19. Resolution on Pathways from Hunter College Film and media Studies
20. Resolution on Pathways from Hunter College Foreign Languages
21. Resolution on Pathways from John Jay History Dept.
22. Letter to Chancellor Goldstein and BoT Chairman Benno Schmidt from John Jay
Faculty Senate
23. Letter of resignation from Prof. George Sussman of LaGuardia CC to Executive Vice
Chancellor Alexandra Logue
24. Resolution on Pathways from ELA Department of LaGuardia CC
25. Resolution on Pathways from English Department of LaGuardia CC
26. Resolution on Pathways from the Social Science Department, LaGuardia CC
27. Resolution on Pathways from the Health Science Department, LaGuardia CC
28. Resolution on Pathways from Lehman College Senate
29. Resolution on Pathways from Philosophy Department Lehman, College
30. Statement on Pathways from Natural Sciences Department, Lehman College
31. Resolution on Pathways from the PSC Chapter at Medgar Evers College
32. Resolution on Pathways from Medgar Evers College Faculty Senate Executive
33. Resolution on Pathways from the Queens College Academic Senate
34. Draft Motion on Pathways from Queens College English Department
35. Statement of Support Opposing the Implementation of Pathways from Queensborough
PSC Chapter
36. Resolution on Pathways from Queensborough Academic Senate
37. Letter in response to Pathways General Ed Proposal from Life and Physical Sciences,
Biology, Biochemistry and Physics Chairs at CUNY
38. English Discipline Council Statement on Pathways
39. English Discipline Council Statement on 3 credit/3 hour revision
40. Letter to Executive Vice Chancellor Logue from the English Discipline Council
41. Memo to Pathways Steering Committee from History Discipline Council
42. Letter to Executive Vice Chancellor Logue from Math Discipline Council
43. Comments on Pathways Proposal for Common Core from the Philosophy Discipline
44. Resolution on Pathways from the Speech Communication Discipline Council
45. Memo to Dean Anderson, Chair of the Pathways Steering Committee from the CUNY
Council on World Language Study
46. Statement on 4 hour/3 Credit Courses in Foreign Languages from CUNY Council on World Language Study

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